“Ditzy, Dumb, Snobs” – Stereotypes of Cheerleaders

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glee_brittanyPeople, including mature adults, refer to cheerleaders as ditzy, dumb, and snobby.¬†Cheerleader or not, everyone has heard these references before. So often in fact, that the use of such slander is socially accepted in society today. But where did these rumors stem from? According to Valerie Ninemire in “Stop the Stereotyping of Cheerleaders,” people stereotype because they lack the truth and find it easier to file everyone into their own little group.

It is common for people to judge other people, but what is dangerous is when it’s done without fully understanding or knowing something or someone. Take for instance a school Cheerleading squad. The members spend a lot of time together, they practice after school many days a week, they attend games together and they might even go to competitions. It would be natural for them to want to hang out together at school, lunch and breaks. But if someone were to see them as a group talking, would they think they are snobs or unsocialable to others? Perhaps and this is where the misunderstandings stem from. Things can look different depending on where you’re standing. – Valerie Ninemire

Along with this, however, comes the affect of the media on stereotypes of cheerleaders. Movies such as “Bring it On” and “Fire it Up” put cheerleaders in a negative light. These movies portray cheerleaders as ditzy and unsportsmanlike. More people view these movies than they do actual cheer competitions, and the influence of movies can be a strong one. If there was a movie released about soccer players in which the actors and actresses were ¬†ditzy, dumb snobs, than people would view soccer players differently. In our world today, cheerleaders face the judgement of people everywhere they go. Hopefully, one day, cheerleading will be respected as the sport that it is.

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  1.   amh500 said,

    on March 30th, 2011 at 2:12 am     

    I agree. I feel like people tend to judge cheerleaders. The way movies and TV shows interpret cheerleaders must have a huge effect on that.

  2.   analisefagan123 said,

    on March 31st, 2011 at 12:48 am     

    very much so! thank you!

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